Developers Profit Share

We’re 10k Riders, a new mobile games publisher.
Recently we’ve gained the trust of venture capitals and now we’re rushing to earn yours and to declare ourselves on top.
Simply put: you get the profits, we get the cases.


1. Contact us and tell us about your nice-performing mobile game. All genres are welcome.

2. We’ll review your metrics and the game, also we could suggest a UA Test. Passing the review means free Game & UA Audit.

3. Games with the best metrics go to the Finals. The best 5 finalists will get one of the SuperOffers: 90%, 80%, 70%, 65% or 60% profit share in devs favor.










Update: November 9, 2:48 pm

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All games accepted?

Mobile f2p potential hits of all genres.

Games should be already tested, analyzed and proved to have really nice metrics suitable for marketing scaling.

SuperOffer Roadmap

1. Review

After first contact, we’ll ask you to provide your game and its data for review.

We’re looking for best performing games with reliable historical performance data: cohorts of a total 1000+ users, from tier 1 geo’s with ROAS-positive campaigns or stunning behavior on organic users.

In terms of ROAS we expect 200%+ for casual genres and 100%+ for midcore. In terms of behavior it should be 50%+ d1 for casual and 35%+ d1 for midcore plus less than 20% churn for 10 direct minutes of gameplay.

Review will take 1-3 work days.

2. UA Test

In case of rich and reliable historical data we could skip UA test and move you to Finals right away.
In other cases we’ll agree on test dates and help to integrate required SDK’s (1-3 days).

Test suggests up to ±$30k Spends, Tier 1 GEOs from Facebook, Google, etc. All losses ours, 100% profits — yours. We’ll ask for UA Spends compensation but capped by the amount of game’s earnings on the test.

It takes 3 to 15 work days + 2-10 more to analyze and decide on granting SuperOffer Finalist status. You’ll pass if we would estimate your results as “nice potential for a profit”.

3. Finals

Once there will be 10* finalists, we’ll start the Finals.

The Finals will take 7 working days to determine the best half of finalists (five in total), who’ll get the SuperOffer. The higher expectations we have — the better SuperOffer will be.

Each of SuperOffers is one-time and couldn’t be offered twice for different games. But there are no obligations for finalists: offers could be negotiated or declined.

In the end we’ll publish a full list of studios, received a SuperOffer.

* From 1st of October the required number of finalists for starting Finals will be reduced to 8. From 14th of October to 5. From 1st of November to 3. SuperOffer will be on till there won’t be at least 3 Finalists.

More Questions?

What’s Game & UA Audit?

Games that have passed review — get a free Game & Marketing Audit as our thanks for participation.

We’ll analyze data received from you and provide some useful advices. By default we’ll focus on things we would consider as most important for your game: improvements roadmap, monetisation and UA optimisation, go-to-market strategy, etc.
But you can request specific questions that we’ll try to answer in full.
Terms: 5-30d after application to SuperOffer.

An example of Audit will be published here soon.

What’s our interest in 10/90?

Sure, there is no interest in 10% Profit Share (even the best games with such terms would be below break-even point if we count team and infrastructure spends).
Our main interests are:

  • Proof that we’re able to push games to the market top
  • Long term partnership with a teams able to create really good games.
What’s Worst Case Scenario

Your game won’t perform at all and we won’t be able to comply with minimal spends so we’ll terminate agreement and return you game with all related rights and without restrictions.

No publisher locks. And no IP ownership transfer.

Also, our Publishing Agreement allows Developer to one-side termination in case Publisher’s spends are too low for some time.

Publishing Terms

$100,000 to $1,000,000 minimal Marketing Spends within 3-6 months after global launch.

Plus, all services below

Publisher Services

— Paid user acquisition;
— Store’s optimization;
— Marketing analytics
— Product analytics;
— Ad networks mediation;
— Monetization analysis;
— Product feedback;
— Localization services;
— Quality assurance;
— Community support;
— BizDev initiatives;
— Market intelligence;


Ilia Tumenko

CEO & Founder

10k Riders founded by seasoned publishing jedis. We met at ARPU.GURU — an agency I founded in 2016. With 200+ game designers & monetization experts we’ve assisted developers on future hits like TanksAlot, Day R Survival, Art of War 3, Human Evolution and one billion-worth metaverse.

In 2018 we’ve started our publishing journey at AppQuantum — a company I’ve directed for the next three years from zero profits and two employees to a thriving business with dozens of huge cases.
But there we’ve struggled for new goals and felt like classic Publishing unable to satisfy us.
So we’ve hit the road under the name of 10k Riders =)

Tom Bagstevold, CEO
    Tom Bagstevold, CEO

    Ascended Studio

    The approach to work with 10k Riders feels like the future of publisher-developer partnerships. The 10k team immediately charmed us with its professional and friendly atmosphere. They make decisions based on data and always explain why decisions are made, while always ensuring those decisions are made together with our team. 10k is confident, supportive, and collaborative, and we feel we can make better games working together with them.

    Tung Hoang, CEO
      Tung Hoang, CEO


      Ilia, 10k Riders founder, priorly was in charge of publisher we’ve worked with for around two years and launched there few successful games. Basically, i think he is an intelligent person, with lots of experience in casual games: in term of game design and monetization and publishing. He is skilled and moreover ambitious to push games to the highest potential.

      Ivan Orlov, CEO
        Ivan Orlov, CEO

        Red Machine Games

        Not long ago 10k Riders founder Ilia Tumenko directed a publisher we’re collaborating with for years and launched a lot of hit games together, including based on Ilia’s own ideas. While that time both our teams expanded a lot, yet Ilia always was in touch and up to date with everything. I could call him in the middle of the night about today’s UA-spends growth and along with explanation I’ve received fresh ideas on game improvement and well-thought-out plans for all occasions.