Games is one of our biggest passions. We love to develop them, to play, and to make them profitable in order to make even more awesome games then. We work with different types of casual and midcore games, such as tycoons, merge, clickers, simulators, battlers, arcade idlers, you name it. There are some examples of our projects, that we publish and develop together with more than 40 of our partner studios.

Tasty Merge – Restaurant Game

App Store | Google Play

Merge & cook food. Serve delicious recipes to your customers.
From burgers to sushi.

Unlock new recipes and serve them to your customers!


MERGE – Merge food and unlock new recipes
RENOVATE – Renovate your restaurant with hundreds items
UNLOCK – Unlock new restaurants and new areas

Merge Madness

App Store | Google Play

You got an old weapons shop in the mystical lands. With a handful of coins in your pocket and battered tools, you start a new life. Can you turn an abandoned shop into a thriving medieval store?

Merge Madness is a reimagined puzzle game that combines fantastic merging gameplay with a gripping tale of adventures of brave heroes and, of course, dragon slaying. The game is easy to learn and offers a deep and unique gameplay full of mystery and exploration. Embark on a journey full of dastardly deeds, dozens of monsters, evil wizards, and other exciting adventures.

Tomb Miner Merge

Google Play

It’s time to conquer the world with the power of mining! Graveyard zombies are waiting and with their help you will start a zombie apocalypse!

Open a portal and summon minions which will be your loyal servants. In this idle merge clicker game you will be using them to bring zombies to ‘life’. Mine graves, dig out undead and tons of gold!