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Have performing game?
Let’s earn tones of profits.


Lack of scale-ready games?
Let’s make one!


Why you should get
in the fucking robot =)

better than you used to


1. Have a game
2. Well-performing one
3. Soon ready for scale

Best Terms

If your game deserves it, we are able to offer terms no one can: eg. IP ownership, profit-shares in your favor, non-exclusivity, etc.

Product Diving

Within tones of product tests and analysed features launches made us jedis of LTV-enlarging techniques. Every suggestion have its foundation and we’re open to share it.

Total Promotion

We’ll provide mobile marketing of all kinds. Not limited to paid UA: we also know how to scale games with bloggers integrations, influencers partners programs, etc.

Full Partnership

For our partners we’re giving much more than a publishing: business consulting, legal solutions, hiring, outstaffing, etc. A real deal, not just christmas presents.

unique co-dev vision


1. Have a team
2. Game’s portfolio
3. Ready to work

There will be hit?

There is no silver bullet and even best ideas with best execution can fail. But with our approach you’ll maximise chances to success and minimise efforts for trying.


Our concepts are unique variation of well-researched reference in relatively low-competitive yet high-marginal market niches.

Pre Production

Our contribution to success includes design docs, balance sheets, graphic assets, in-Unity level design, etc. — plus standart QA, feedbacks, etc.

Smart Synergy

All our partners run high-impact a/b-tests and results shared among everyone, so for one try each gets value of dozens experiments.

ceo’s speech

Ilia Tumenko

CEO & Founder

10k Riders founded by seasoned publishing jedis. We met at ARPU.GURU — an agency I founded in 2016. With 200+ game designers & monetization experts we’ve assisted developers on future hits like TanksAlot, Day R Survival, Art of War 3, Human Evolution and one billion-worth metaverse.

In 2018 we’ve started our publishing journey at AppQuantum — a company I’ve directed for the next three years from zero profits and two employees to a thriving business with dozens of huge cases.
But there we’ve struggled for new goals and felt like classic Publishing unable to satisfy us.
So we’ve hit the road under the name of 10k Riders =)

Tom Bagstevold, CEO
    Tom Bagstevold, CEO

    Ascended Studio

    The approach to work with 10k Riders feels like the future of publisher-developer partnerships. The 10k team immediately charmed us with its professional and friendly atmosphere. They make decisions based on data and always explain why decisions are made, while always ensuring those decisions are made together with our team. 10k is confident, supportive, and collaborative, and we feel we can make better games working together with them.

    Tung Hoang, CEO
      Tung Hoang, CEO


      Ilia, 10k Riders founder, priorly was in charge of publisher we’ve worked with for around two years and launched there few successful games. Basically, i think he is an intelligent person, with lots of experience in casual games: in term of game design and monetization and publishing. He is skilled and moreover ambitious to push games to the highest potential.

      Ivan Orlov, CEO
        Ivan Orlov, CEO

        Red Machine Games

        Not long ago 10k Riders founder Ilia Tumenko directed a publisher we’re collaborating with for years and launched a lot of hit games together, including based on Ilia’s own ideas. While that time both our teams expanded a lot, yet Ilia always was in touch and up to date with everything. I could call him in the middle of the night about today’s UA-spends growth and along with explanation I’ve received fresh ideas on game improvement and well-thought-out plans for all occasions.


        Prior team’s cases
        TanksAlot (10m+ installs)
        Day R Survival (10m+)
        Art of War 3 (10m+)
        Human Evolution (10m+)
        Decentraland ($1B+ value)


        Prior team’s cases
        Gold & Goblins ($10m+ net)
        Idle Evil Clicker ($10m+ net)
        Dragon Champ. ($1m/30d)
        Idle Light City (5m+)

        Dozens In Progress