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Publishing Done Right

Publishing Done Right

You know the games. We know the market.
Let's cook some success.

We are mobile games publisher and we are here to growth your game

We have the expertise, finances, reliable partners, external and internal resources, unlimited user acquisition, know-how on LTV growth and scaling from zero to top.


Why are you better than other publishers?
  • We have unlimited marketing powered by our old and new partner companies
  • We have real experience of improving games and multiple monetization growths
  • We are a wingman in the LTV vs CPI race armed with a base of product tests

Running a publisher company from scratch, we are interested in success much more than anybody else. It means that we put more time, attention and effort to your project than any other glorified publishers.

Why do we even need a publisher?

Actually, you don’t need a publisher if you want to pass this quit long and complicated way of bringing your company to the top on your own.

Publisher only helps you to put all your resources in developing and not to worry about analyticsa, marketing and monetisation. Cooperating with the publisher you can generate reliable income, as we are an old hand in the mobile games market and already know how to do it in the most efficient way.

But what if a publisher would clone my game?

Anyone: publisher, high roller, unknown developer, or even your partner can make clone of your game. The common rule is if you made something performing, then for sure, it will be ”cloned” by somebody.

But your partner publisher is the last one who may be interested in cloning your game. Cause it’s not enough for the publisher to get a performing project. We need partners that are able to develop successful projects from scratch for our business growth. So mutual agreements always will be the first priority.

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